RISE is an answer to ‘Why Edmonton?’ The first issue of what will be an annual publication, it’s a well-rounded overview of what’s going on in the city. 


It's an invitation to international readers, illustrating what they could be part of if they join the risk takers in Edmonton who are outputting ideas, products and services that connect our city with the world.

We encourage EEDC employees, startups, corporations and the broader community to share the publication with people outside of Edmonton with a business interest in their current city to raise awareness of the exceptional talent, innovation and businesses located in our city. 

The publication includes stories about founders (Granify, Darkhorse Analytics), manufacturing (makers economy, WORKHALL, Food Processor Logistics Research Council), hospitality (Red Star, Corso 32, Duchess Bakeshop), innovation (TELUS fibre optic network, Blatchford) and more. All of the stories were written, illustrated and photographed by Edmontonians.

RISE is a tool that supports our efforts to establish long-term relationships with innovators, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers around the world. It’s an introduction to our city that will leave readers more familiar with Edmonton which you can then build upon in your next interaction. Use it to illustrate Edmonton as you talk about the city with your contacts and use the stories to reinforce your messages. The design and quality of the stories and visuals will result in people sharing it with others, raising awareness of Edmonton in your contact’s network, and keeping it on their bookshelf to thumb through for interest and inspiration. 

Stories from the current issue will be posted online to support our initiatives, with more created throughout the year and compiled in the annual print issue.